>In an article by the Chicago Tribune, Cubs manager Lou Piniella has said that he hasn’t given up on the season and plans to stick it out until the end of the year.  The article also states that GM Jim Hendry has said repeatedly that he doesn’t plan on firing Lou either.

My wife and I made a trip up to Chicago earlier this week, and after listening to Chicago sports talk radio, I’d have to say that I agree: Hendry has no plans on firing Piniella, and Piniella doesn’t plan on quitting.  Do you remember the movie Snow Dogs?  The main character comes in last place, but everybody thinks he was dead, so they’re cheering for him anyway when he crosses the finish line.  I have a feeling that’s kind of how Cub fans are feeling about this season.

Perhaps the best gauge that shows the stagnation in Chi-Town is the fact that nobody seems to care right now what the Cubs are doing, which is unusual.  In the area of town that we visited, we actually saw more White Sox hats than Cubs.  Utterly, shocking.  So buckle up Chicago!  It’s going to be a bumpy ride!