>Bronson Arroyo of the Cincinnati Reds has said that he will not consider restructuring his current deal even if it means he will be able to stay with the team long-term.

When asked if he would be willing to restructure, like teammate Scott Rolen did prior to the 2010 season, Arroyo  said, “Not in a million years.  Not even if they paid me in waffles, and you know how much I love waffles.  Scotty may be willing to take less than he is worth, but that’s because he doesn’t have the cool hair that I have.  It takes a lot of product to make my hair look this good, and a lot of product costs a lot of dough.  SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!”

So, this begs the question – Just how much is a career .522 pitcher with a 4.00 ERA worth?  Well, if the Reds decide to pick up his option for 2011, I guess the answer to that is $11 million.  If not, I imagine the answer is $2 million, which is the buyout amount on his contract if the option is not picked up by the team.  Any other average to mediocre pitchers want to play for the Reds next season?  They may have the need.