>As I write and schedule this series on midseason grades, it is the Monday of the All Star Break.  I have things scheduled already, and I’m waaaay too lazy to adjust all of that business.  So, here’s your midseason review a little past the midseason point.

New York Yankees (56-32)
Everybody expected the defending World Series champs to be at the top of the heap, and, so far, they have not disappointed.  The Yankees have the best record in baseball at the break.  Not much to complain about in the Bronx… not that the facts will keep people happy if they don’t win the Series again this season.

Tampa Bay Rays (54-34)
The Rays have bounced back from a disappointing 2009 by holding first place for a majority of the first half of the season… that and a quarter will get them a quarter and the opportunity to lose two of their best players to free agency after the season.

Boston Red Sox (51-37)
The Red Sox have more people wounded this season than the US Army after the first Gulf War.  The chances of them being able to outpace the Yankees or Rays for the rest of the season are pretty slim.  On the bright side, they are only slightly severely overpaying their DH so far this season.

Toronto Blue Jays (44-45)
It must be hard to be the Blue Jays.  Nobody seems to know how good they are because they are in the same division as the Red Sox, Rays and Yankees.  On the other hand, they aren’t as good as people might think.  It’s a strange paradox.

Baltimore Orioles (29-59)
The Orioles are… well… the Orioles once again.  They’re awful, there’s just no way around it.  At this rate, you have to wonder if the Ravens would have an easier time scoring.