>Today, we get to look at who is over/under/achieving in the Central Divisions.

AL Central
Chicago White Sox (49-38)
The White Sox were probably the one team that didn’t want the All Star break to happen.  They went into the break with an 8-game winning streak, and were beginning to relish being the talk of Chi-town.  We’ll see if Ozzie can keep them playing with his typical rants and blue-streaks as the season progresses.

Detroit Tigers (48-38)
The Tigers have managed to put together a very good first half of the season, led by MVP candidate Miguel Cabrera.  Jim Leyland still looks pretty cranky, so it is a definite possibility that the Tigers will still be in it come October.

Minnesota Twins (46-42)
The Minnesota Twins have opened their new stadium with a whimper in the first half of the 2010 campaign.  Mauer has not been nearly as productive as one would expect from a reigning MVP who just got a huge contract.  They always have a tendency to be there at the end of the season, but I wouldn’t hold my breath, Twins fans.

Kansas City Royals (39-49)
The Royals have not been nearly as bad as I would have thought at the beginning of the season.  They’re still bad, but not as bad.  They may win a mildly respectable 70 games this season.  Not to mention, they’ll be among the talk of the league until the trade deadline at the end of the month.

Cleveland Indians (34-54)
Hmmm… perhaps I should’ve saved the Royals review for the Indians, except the Indians probably are just as bad as I would have thought at the beginning of the season.  On the bright side Cleveland, you do have the Caval…. oh, wait…  You still have Dan Gilbert’s promise of a ring before Lebron…  That’s comforting.  Did anybody else think it was ironic that the Rays beat the Indians the same night Lebron announced that he was going to Miami?  Chalk one up for conspiracy-theorist fans everywhere!