>And the grand finale….

San Diego Padres (51-37)
Next to the Reds, the Padres are the biggest surprise in baseball so far this season.  A team that was simply awful, who before the season even began was the subject of trade rumors, is now leading what is probably going to be the best race in baseball come September.  They have far surpassed all expectations, and that will be a great consolation prize when the Rockies end up winning the division.

Colorado Rockies (49-39)
After a rough start to the season, the Rockies are finally coming around.  Ubald-y has been incredible so far this season, but no doubt he will come back down to earth and be overtaken by Adam Wainwright as the Cy Young favorite.  It’s very tough for me to say good things about the Rockies since they beat down the Cardinals in their recent series.  However, I will say this: I was once a Rockie in my Pony League days, and the dark purple didn’t look too bad on me.

Los Angeles Dodgers (49-39)
The Dodgers are a team in need of pitching, which is surprising given how good their pitching was last season.  If they get hot, they’ll have a chance of winning the division, but most likely, Manny Ramirez will go crazy before that happens and they’ll fall off the map.

San Francisco Giants (47-41)
Much like the Toronto Blue Jays, the Giants are a good team that is getting buried by better teams… except they really are a good team.  Okay, they are a pretty good pitching staff that occasionally gets some offensive support, how’s that?  I don’t expect them to be around at the end of the season, but with quality pitching, anything is possible.

Arizona Diamondbacks (34-55)
Not much to say here.  At least the Pirates play in the NL, so the D-backs aren’t the worst team in the league.