>Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times tweeted that the Tokyo Giants had a scout at the Dodgers-Cardinals game at Busch Stadium on Friday.  When asked what he was doing there, the scout said a lot of things in Japanese that couldn’t be translated, but probably was something like, “We like to look for new talent to improve our league.  We hear there are fantastic players in this series, so we wanted to come out and see what they can do.  We hear that Garrett Anderson may be looking for a new location because his talents haven’t kept up with the professional baseball of the United States.  That is exactly the type of big name we are looking for.”

When he heard that the Tokyo Giants had a scout in the stands, Dodger OF Manny Ramirez seemed quite interested.  “I never thought about playing in Japan.  That could be pretty cool.  I’m sure they’d give me another $20 million contract because I’m certainly not getting another one over here!”