>Matt Garza, the first Tampa Bay Rays pitcher to throw a no-hitter, apparently doesn’t like that I’m not crazy about mass media calling 2010 the Year of the Pitcher.  He shut down a Tigers line-up that was packed with power names such as: Danny Worth, Don Kelly, and Will Rhymes.

It’s about time the Rays were on the giving end of a no-no, though.  They have been no-hit twice this year, with one of those games being Dallas “Get Off My Mound, A-Rod” Braden’s perfect game and the other being to Arizona’s Edwin “Why Do I Keep Getting Traded” Jackson.  Of course, I guess the next obvious question is: how many times has a team been involved 3 no-hitters in the same season?

And your answer…

  • 1917 – St. Louis Browns & Chicago White Sox were both involved in three no-no’s.  The White Sox starter Eddie Cicotte no-hit the Browns on April 14th, and the Browns returned the favor… on CONSECUTIVE DAYS (May 5th & 6th) with Ernie Koob & Bob Groom both no-hitting the White Sox.
  • 1956 – Brooklyn Dodgers were involved in three with Carl Erskine getting the best of the Giants, and Sal Maglie no-hitting the Phillies.  Then, you guessed it, they were the victim of Don Larsen’s perfect game in the World Series.
And just some more fun FYI for you: 1991 & 1990 each saw 7 no-hitters (a perfect game is counted as a no-hitter).  Pre-1900 had one season see 8 no-hitters – 1884, but since nobody cares about the Pittsburgh Alleghenys, Columbus Buckeyes, Detroit Wolverines or Toldeo Blue Stockings, we won’t count that as a candidate for Year of the Pitcher.
So, wake up, mass media!  It’s not the Year of the Pitcher yet.  We still have two more to go before we can even consider it!