>Here’s an interesting little tidbit that I learned by catching up on my blogs from Deadspin.com the other day.  The Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt actually owns the stadium where the Dodgers play.  If the owner owns the stadium, you would think that there would be no need to pay rent, right?  Wrong!  The Dodgers pay a reported $14 million in rent every year.  And the best part, here’s the rental breakdown: $5M to McCourt, $4.5M to pay back loans and $4M to construction managers.  Oh, and the construction company, you guessed it, owned by McCourt.

So, the Dodgers, who have been hamstrung financially while Frank and Mrs. McCourt are going through their divorce, are paying $14M/year to rent out their own stadium.  Anybody want to start the list of players that the Dodgers could have signed for $14M/year?

Hopefully Frankie loses the team in the divorce, and somebody who is interested in something more than padding their personal bank accounts can take over the team for the sake of the fans.