>I know I’ve been on a bit of a blogging break on this particular blog lately.  Part of it has been because I’ve been spending a lot of time working on a different project (Bases Loaded Balk, check it out when you have the time), but part of it has been that I just haven’t felt like writing a whole lot this summer.  Here to make my point is the Movie Tour review of Predators… a movie I saw nearly a month ago.

Plot Summary
When it comes to movies involving the Predators, the plot summary is easy.  Here are all these people who are getting hunted by a warrior-alien race.  They will try to survive, but most of them are probably going to die a gruesome death.  This movie wasn’t all that different.  It starts off with one of the main characters in a free fall, he wakes up and discovers that he is falling, and then a parachute automatically opens as he gets closer to the ground.  He then finds other people who had a similar experience, and they start their journey.  It’s not long before they realize that they are no longer on Earth, but have been abducted and are now part of a game preserve… as the game.

I’ve seen Predator, Predator 2, Alien v. Predator, and Aliens v. Predator: Requiem.  That’s right, I’m a fan of the movies.  In all honesty, this is the best one since the original.  It gets closer to the roots of the series, which is bad-a** aliens hunting bad-a** people, and seeing who wins out.

Obviously, there are violence and language issues, but that is to be expected.  If that kind of stuff bothers you, don’t see it.  If you are a fan of the original Predator (which gets a bit of a wink in this one), you’ll enjoy this movie.  Don’t go in expecting to see an Oscar-worthy film or award-winning performances because you’ll be disappointed.  Go in expecting to have a good, mindless time and you will be well-rewarded.

Best Part
Laurence Fishburne makes a brief appearance in this movie.  He is a guy who has managed to survive on the planet for a while, but he is also starting to lose it.  He’s pretty entertaining, but he’s not in it for very long… and I bet you can imagine why.