>…. that he will be keeping his talents in South Cali.  That’s right, folks, Mr. Scully, the man who was confused by a mullet, will return for his 62nd season announcing Dodger games.  For the non-math majors out there, that means he has been announcing games for the Dodgers since 1950.  So, what has happened since Vin Scully started announcing Dodger games?

  • 12 different men with 11 last names have been elected President of the United States
  • Korean War… well, technically, that’s still going on
  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • The Interstate system was built (and continues to be under construction wherever I need to go)
  • Dirty Commies pointed rockets at the United States
  • JFK, RFK, & MLK, Jr. were all assassinated
  • Vietnam War
  • US Space Program landed on the moon.
  • Iraq I, Iraq II, Afghanistan & other various wars around the world
  • Rise of fantasy baseball & football
  • My parents were born
Oh, and what hasn’t happened in that time?
The Cubs haven’t made a World Series appearance!