>You know how ballclubs will put up statues of the greatest players in their franchise history?  The Cubs have Ernie Banks, the Cardinals have Stan Musial, the Pirates have Roberto Clemente, the Reds have…. well, somebody….  anyhoo!

The Milwaukee Brewers will be raising a statue of former owner and current commissioner Bud Selig next week.  Selig is part of a group responsible for bringing the Brewers to Milwaukee from Seattle, where they were known as the Pilots.  As commissioner, he has also instituted such beloved and uncontroversial things as steroid testing, interleague play, the divisional round of the playoffs, and turning the All Star Game into an exhibition that “counts.”

There will be a star-studded unveiling with representatives from every MLB team scheduled to be there.  It kind of reminds me of when a Roman emperor would do something and everybody had to show up or be fed to the lions.  That may be a bit of revisionist history taking place, but it makes sense and, let’s be honest, you’re probably not going to take the time to see if that really happened or not.

The most difficult thing about the statue is differentiating it from Selig himself.  I’m pretty sure that he is old enough that he has started to petrify (i.e. to convert wood into stone).