>If you didn’t see it, you should check out Chris Nelson’s steal of home from a recent Rockies-Reds game.  You can check it out here.  Go ahead…. I’ll wait….

Done?  Good.

Okay, now if you’ll notice, when Reds pitcher Nick Masset steps off the rubber, he doesn’t look towards home. He looks at second base.  I guess you could argue that Masset didn’t think somebody would be crazy enough to try to record his first career steal by swiping home in a 5-5 game, but then I would counter with the fact that you would be making a stupid argument.

Of course, for the Reds fans who watched their team blow a 5-0 lead in the first place, perhaps this was just the most demoralizing way that they could have lost the game.  Regardless, the Reds are still trying to let the Cardinals back into the division race, but the Cardinals do not seem to be interested at this time.