>ESPN’s Buster Olney tweeted on Tuesday: Andres Torres needed an appendectomy, and rival GMs think that is a procedure that requires major recovery time. “2-3 months,” said 1 GM.

Andres Torres is the center fielder for the San Francisco Giants, a team that is in contention, but on the outside looking in.  Losing Torres would be a major blow to their playoff chances.  However…

Are rival GM’s stupid?  Even I know that it doesn’t take that long to recover from an appendectomy.  I’m no doctor, but for a person that is in pretty good shape (as you would expect a center fielder to be), I image it would take about a month at the longest.

Forget the fact that Torres, in a move that would make even Rob Dibble proud, had been playing for a couple games with severe pain in his abdomen, it takes a child about three weeks to heal from an appendectomy.  I imagine it wouldn’t take 3x’s longer for a professional athlete to do the same.