>With the arrival of LeBron James as a free agent to the Miami Heat, things have been heating up in South Beach.  And, as a way to balance out the overwhelming sports power in Miami, Dolphins QB Pat White is removing his talents from South Beach.  At least that is the story he is sticking with.  The official story out of Miami is that the Dolphins released quarterback, who has now signed with the Kansas City Royals.

White is no stranger to baseball, having been drafted by the Angels (2004), Reds (2008) and Yankees (2009) before deciding to pursue football, first at the University of West Virginia, then with the Dolphins.  When asked about the move, Royals GM Dayton Moore said, “We are looking at moving in a new direction here in Kansas City.  We are exploring what it will take to be the practice squad for the Chiefs, since we can’t seem to win any baseball games.  Signing Pat is our way of letting management over there know that we are serious about this endeavor.  They just laughed at us when we first brought it up.”