>As much as it pains me to write this sentence, the Cincinnati Reds are the National League Central champions for 2010.  Unfortunately, it may be a short trip into the playoffs since the Reds are a combined 16-33 against playoff contending teams (including the 2nd place Cardinals).  Depending on who wins the Wild Card, the Reds will be facing the Phillies (if the Braves win) or an NL West division winner (if an NL West team wins the Wild Card).

In honor of their glorious (and hopefully short-term) victory, here’s your Reds picture, brought to you courtesy of Reds rookie pitcher Mike Leake, who just farted.  I’m just sayin’ – the smeller’s the feller.

And your bonus picture: Super Gomes!  He can leap tall outfield walls in a single bound… unfortunately, he just can’t catch a baseball while he’s doing it.