>If the Giants defeating the Padres no longer put them in the discussion as the “feel good” story of 2010, then that means the Braves now have that distinction, as this will be long time manager Bobby Cox’s last chance to blow it in the postseason for the first time since 2005.

Speaking of Cox, here’s your first picture.  It’s Bobby Cox… arguing with an umpire.  I’d like to imagine that the conversation went like this:

Cox: Where do you want to go to dinner tonight?
Ump: How ’bout that new barbeque place?
Cox: You mean the one that’s straight ahead?
Ump: No, the one off to the right.

I like BBQ restaurants….

For your bonus picture, here’s Braves rookie Jason Heyward, whose hands are so huge that he gives “sevens” instead of “fives” in the postgame.  Seriously, look at how large his hands are.