>The New York Yankees became the first team to move on in the Highlander-style baseball postseason tournament by lopping off both heads of the Minnesota Twins.  It’s good to see, as Alex Rodriguez described them, an “underdog” move on in the postseason.

Oh wait, what’s that, you say?  Yes, A-Roid referred to the New York Yankees as being “David in this situation.”  Oh, those poor Yankees.  They didn’t win the division.  They won’t have homefield advantage throughout any playoff series (because the NL won the All Star Game this year, remember that!?!).

I don’t know how they’ll manage to play with the big boys… you know, with their $206 million dollar payroll, top free agents and second-best record in the American League.  How ever will they match-up against the Twins ($97.5M), Rays ($71.9M) and Rangers ($55.2M) with their minuscule payroll?  Somehow, and the Lord only knows, they survived the first round.  We can only hope that they’ll continue playing together as a team.