>Oh, what’s that you say?  There was another Division Series?  Oh, I thought we were ready for a Philly-Yankee rematch already.  No?  Must’ve just been the talking heads.  Anyhoo….

We have moved one step closer to the inevitable conclusion of this season… you know, one where an East Coast team wins the World Series…. again….

Congratulations to the Texas Rangers for their first ever postseason series win in their long and illustrious history.  After giving me hope that I might be able to sneak over to a playoff game while I’m in Orlando at the end of the week, the Tampa Bay Rays’ bats once again bowed down to the postseason greatness that is Cliff Lee, showing why the Rangers worked so hard to steal him away from the Yankees, and at the same  time, damaging the Rangers chances of winning the ALCS by making Lee unavailable until Game 3.

Enjoy it while you can, Arlington.  People have already written you off…. not me…. just other people.

Apparently Ranger fans are terrible at catching unless they use their face.  I love how the lady behind the guy who takes the phrase “keep your eye on the ball” too literally is laughing hysterically. 
 Michael Young, who had never been in the postseason until this year, tries to Kung Fu kick his entire team.

 Before Tuesday night, this was the greatest moment in Texas Ranger baseball history.
Once again, manager Ron Washington is eating an imaginary apple.  Crack is whack, folks.

Finally, a reminder of the greatest Texas Ranger in the history of the franchise.