>Congratulations to the Texas Rangers for 1) putting a beat-down on the New York Yankees, and 2) making it to the first World Series in franchise history.

Just think, in Spring Training, manager Ron Washington was admitting to doing blow around this time last year (if you had to manage this team last year, you might’ve as well), everybody was penciling the Mariners in as the best team in the West, and the Rangers were a “good offense with no pitching.”

Then they stole Cliff Lee from the grasp of the Evil Empire, and used him to take down the Yankees.  Then Nolan Ryan took over as owner of the team.  Then, just as everyone had imagined ten years ago, Alex Rodriguez was at the plate in Arlington with a chance to go to the World Series…. of course, everybody thought that he would be wearing a different uniform, but regardless, A-Rod played an integral part in the Rangers run to the World Series.

To honor the Rangers in their charge to the World Series…

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a clearer picture, but Ryan’s face as the bullpen blew Game 1 was hilarious.  That, or former owner… and President… George W. Bush said something really stupid…. again.

Not that he needed it, but here is Nelson Cruz receiving directions as to the location of home plate.

And, of course, no Ranger post would be complete without Ron Washington eating another imaginary apple.