>Pete Rose’s favorite hobby, gambling on baseball, is coming into play as the World Series starts this week.  Rumor has it that the mayors of San Francisco and Arlington have put a friendly wager on the game.  In addition to a day of community service in the victor’s town while wearing that team’s jersey, the losing mayor is going to have to send over some food.

If the Rangers win, Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco will ship out Dungeness crab, sourdough bread, Ghirardelli chocolate and Anchor Steam beer.  If the Giants win, Mayor Robert Cluck of Arlington will ship food from a local BBQ joint called Spring Creek BBQ, reportedly the best in Texas (though, this has yet to be verified from an inside source).

Perhaps what catches my eye in all of this is the fact that Arlington’s mayor’s last name is Cluck.  I find it really funny that a place so steeped in the finer qualities and traditions of beef shares the last name with the noise from a chicken.