Pablo Sandoval, also known as Kung Fu Panda in some circles, plays for the recently crowned World Champion San Francisco Giants.  Some have noticed a severe dip in his production from last season to this season (.330 to .268 BA; 25 to 13 HR; 90 to 63 RBI).  I saw this awesome tweet from ESPN’s Buster Olney today that might help explain why.

Buster Olney
Pablo Sandoval will go into the spring training on notice. A friend saw him power down this breakfast during WS: Cheetos and Mountain Dew.

I can’t even begin to describe how much this makes me laugh.  It sounds as though Timmy’s habits may have caught on to some other guys who have succumbed to the munchies throughout the season.  No word yet on Sandoval’s reaction to the destruction of Proposition 19.