>In case you haven’t already heard, Sparky Anderson the first manager to lead teams from both leagues to victories in the World Series passed away earlier this week.  Anderson managed the Red and Tigers to World Championships.  Incidentally, only one other manager has led teams in both leagues to a World Series Championship – Tony LaRussa, who led the Cardinals and the A’s to baseball’s version of the Promised Land.  Sparky will truly be missed, after all, with a name like Sparky, you know he has to be awesome.

 Stories of Sparky’s generosity abound.  Here he is about to share a piece of gum with Cecil Fielder.
 Sparky cared a great deal about his players.  
Some would say he could only be faulted for caring too much.
 This picture is awesome because pipes make a person 35% more awesome.
Here he is letting God know that they’ll be seeing each other soon.