>So, last week the new installment of the Call of Duty series was released.  It’s called Black Ops, and it takes place during the Cold War Era.  It begins with an assault in Cuba in an attempt to assassinate Castro, and follows the story of one of the soldiers who took part in that operation.  The graphics are great, the gameplay is fun, the story is intriguing, and it even makes a connection to Treyarch’s previous installment World at War in a pretty cool way.

However, the real reason anybody buys these games is for the multiplayer experience.  Like the previous games, there are thousands of online matches going on at any given time.  Inevitably videos of online gameplay are going to come out, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video as funny as the one I’m about to show you.  I believe this is on the map Havana, which, as you’ll see, takes place on a Cuban street (duh, did you think it was Havana, Delaware?).

I did watch through it already just to make sure there isn’t any undue violence or language.  Watch this video, and it will be the best 2 minutes of your next five… I guarantee it.