The National League Cy Young Award was handed out a couple of days ago, so hopefully, you don’t come here for breaking news.  Meanwhile, breaking news, the American League Cy Young Award was handed out about an hour ago… well, as of writing this, it was an hour ago.  How am I supposed to know when you are reading it?
Roy Halladay, traded from the Blue Jays to the Phillies in the offseason, won the NL Award.  Everybody assumed that he would totally dominate the National League simply because he was a good pitcher in the American League.  Let’s face it, everybody pretty much gave him the award once he was traded to Philadelphia, all he had to do was show that he earned it… and he did…. unanimously.
Continuing their trend of bestowing the hardware to pitchers with poor records, the AL Cy Young winner was Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners.  He posted a 13-12 record on the year, but more impressive was the fact that his bullpen/offense didn’t manage to blow every game that he pitched for them.  The only other player to win a Cy Young with 13 wins was Fernando Valenzuela, who did it in the strike-shortened 1981 campaign.