>The National League and American League MVPs were announced earlier this week.  Quite frankly, neither one was much of a surprise.

Joey Votto won the NL Award over Albert Pujols and Carlos Gonzales.  Legitimately, any of those three could have won the award this season, but Votto still managed to garner all but one first place vote.  For my Reds friends who now want to talk smack about Votto getting it over Pujols – once Votto has finished in the Top 4 nine times in ten seasons (and 9th in the other season), we’ll talk.

In a rags to riches story that could only be written in Arlington, Josh Hamilton won the AL MVP, just a few short years after everybody thought he wasted his talent on booze and drugs.  I’m not sure what the moral of the story is, but I have a feeling that if you are a recovering drug abuser, then I’m pretty sure that Arlington, TX is your place of fairy tale endings.