>One of the big things that Cardinal fans are thinking about this offseason is the fact that the Cardinals need to sign star Albert Pujols to an extension that will make him a Cardinal for life.

MLB Trade Rumors recently put up a post that SI’s Jon Heyman tweeted that the Pujols camp is seeking something around A-Rod’s 10 year, $275 million deal from 2007. A-Rod was 32 when that deal was signed. Pujols will be turning 31 next month.

I think in all of the offseason rumors that are milling about, this has to be the biggest “Duh” rumor out there. I mean, seriously, should the best player in the game get paid like he is the best player in the game? I imagine so… duh. After 10 seasons, Pujols is sitting at a career line of .331/.426/.624, 408 HRs, 1900 Hits, 1230 RBIs, 1186 Rs, 9 All Star Games, 3 MVP awards (never finishing out of the Top 10 in MVP voting either). Yeah, I’d say A-Rod type money is deserving for his final 10 years in the Bigs. Duh.