>Bert Blyleven and Roberto Alomar received an important phone call today – a call congratulating them on their induction to the Hall of Fame.  Blyleven received the honor after a mere 14 years on the ballot, while Alomar was elected on his second go-around.

As we all know from a previous post, Blyleven is awesome, and the picture below merely sums up that statement.

Meanwhile, Alomar’s awesomeness is not only summed up by his ability to hover…

…but also for his restraint, as he only spit on an umpire once in his career.  And we can’t really blame him for that.  Mentally, he just wasn’t in a good place at the time… well, physically, he wasn’t either, as you can see the Baltimore Orioles jersey in the picture.

Strangely enough, Alomar received 90% of the votes cast after falling just 8 votes shy in 2010.  I’m not exactly sure what he did to cement his legacy and give him the third-highest vote total in history in the last 12 months, but whatever it was Jeff Bagwell, Larry Walker, Mark McGwire, Lee Smith and others are going to be calling him to figure out what it was.