Well, a lot has happened since the last time we talked… well, since I talked and you read about it.

I’ve been working hard on my materials for ordination.  In fact, I’m actually done with everything now except that I have to do some editing before turning in the final material – in two weeks.  My goal is to finish it up this week, and get it turned in before my wife and I take a few days to explore warmer climates.

We found out that we were pregnant shortly after Thanksgiving.  Don’t get too excited, you haven’t heard the rest of the story.  Given that we have had two miscarriages to this point, we were very cautious.  Everything seemed to be going as expected, and two days before Christmas, we told our families.  That was the same day that Katie’s great-grandma passed away, so we thought people could use some good news.

As you can imagine from the language in the last paragraph, the joy didn’t last long.  Unlike our first miscarriage, we had no complications at all during this pregnancy.  Unlike our second miscarriage, we saw the baby and even heard a heartbeat.  However, just like our first and second miscarriage, this pregnancy was not to be.  We found on, on my parents’ anniversary no less, that the baby stopped growing and died in the 9th week.  We were devastated.

We were just having a regular checkup, and the doctor wanted to find the heartbeat, but he couldn’t.  It is not uncommon to not hear the heartbeat externally that early in the pregnancy, but he wanted us to get an ultrasound just to put our hearts and minds at ease.  Unfortunately, when we had the ultrasound, all we saw was emptiness.  There was no activity, no heartbeat, just a void where our baby used to be.  I literally felt my heart sink when I saw the image.  We returned to the doctor’s office, and talked about our options.

A couple days later, Katie scheduled a D & C for the upcoming Tuesday.  Unfortunately, we didn’t make it until Tuesday, and she had an emergency one on Saturday, January 22nd.  It was horrible to see her in so much pain and be completely helpless in the situation.

She’s recovering now.  I’d say that she’s about up to 100% percent again physically.  Emotionally, this has been quite a struggle for us.  We would certainly appreciate your prayers over the next couple of months as we continue to heal and start looking at our options for the future, as far as starting a family is concerned.

As you can imagine, the miscarriage has been the focus of the last couple of weeks, and everything else has pretty well be overshadowed by it.  We’ve had good times and bad, and we’ll get through it eventually.  It’s just hard to describe the heartbreak that we’ve been going through.  But we know that God will heal us in time.  Our faith is strong, and we will persevere through it all.

That’s probably enough of an update for now.  I look forward to where God is leading us, and we will press on in faith.