Katie and I had the pleasure of our niece staying the night with us on MLK Sunday.  We decided to go see a movie – one that we had both wanted to see already, and our niece was super-excited to see.  Tangled.

Plot Summary

Tangled is a fun take on the story of Rapunzel and her famously, ridiculously long hair.  As a child, she is taken from her family and put away in a tower, constantly warned of the dangers of the outside world by her supposed mother (but really the woman who kidnapped her as a baby).  She decides one day that she wants to get out of the tower to see the Festival of the Lights that happens in a nearby town, and what follows is a story of newly discovered freedom and love.


I love this movie.  The animation was fantastic.  The story was good.  And how it all works out makes it just a feel-good movie for all to see.


See it.  If it’s not in a theater near you any more (and it’s probably not).  Buy it when it comes out.  It’s worth the $20 you’ll have to plunk down.  If you have kids, the sooner you buy it for “them” the sooner you’ll have an excuse to go see it.

Best Part

I can’t think of a single part that really stands out as the best part.  I felt like the story was original (although, maybe it’s not, maybe that’s what the Rapunzel story is all about in the first place), and it was a good twist on a normal fairy tale.