Today’s ORSP is the New York Yankees, the AL Wild Card in 2010, who ended up losing in the ALCS to the Texas Rangers.

Biggest Additions: Rafael Soriano, Andruw Jones, Russell Martin, Freddy Garcia, Bartolo Colon, Pedro Feliciano, Mark Prior

Biggest Subtractions: Kerry Wood, Javier Vazquez, Lance Berkman, Marcus Thames

Offseason Review: Perhaps the biggest moves that the Yankees made this offseason were the ones that you don’t see up above.  They re-signed Mariano Rivera without much incident, but then there was the Derek Jeter saga.  Showing exactly why Pujols and the Cardinals are keeping their negotiations out of the media, the Yankees and Jeter seemed to have negotiated primarily through the media.  Things were said that really made you wonder if the Yankees valued the leadership of their captain.  The Yankees failure to sign Cliff Lee (probably not because Yankee fans spit on his wife while the Rangers were in the Bronx… yeah right) and ensuing failure to get a suitable backup plan going – which was trading for Greinke and/or hoping that Pettitte would not retire, neither of which went their way – means that the Yankees did not have your typical Yankee offseason.  In fact, they had a horrible offseason.  When Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon are your big offseason pitching moves, you are in major trouble.  On the bright side, it seems as though the Yankees did improve their bullpen by signing Soriano and Feliciano, which is good, because given their starting five, they are going to be calling on the bullpen quite a bit.  To say that their offseason was a total failure would be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s not far off.  After all, they did get rid of Javier Vazquez… again, and Jones and Martin would be good additions if we were preparing for the 2005 season.

Season Preview: The biggest thing that the Yankees have going for them this season is the fact that they are still the Yankees.  They still have a potential All Star at nearly every position in the field, and C.C. Sabathia is a pretty good headliner for the rotation.  They problem becomes what happens after C.C. and Hughes pitch.  Burnett wasn’t good last season, and we have no idea who is going to fill out the 4th and 5th slots.  But, this is the Yankees.  They will outscore most teams on a daily basis, and by the end of July, I imagine you’ll see a couple of moves that will result in a strengthened rotation for the Bronx Bombers.

Final Record: 92-70, 2nd in AL East, AL Wild Card winner