Well, that’s it.  Today’s my birthday, and I’m officially no longer a “twenty-something.”  Today is the day that I somehow manage to become older than my mother, who seems to think that people are going to believe her when she says that she’s still 29.  Come on, Mom.  You look great, but you’re not fooling anybody.

I’m not really sure how I feel about turning 30.  Really, I’d like to say that it’s no big deal.  Thirty is just another number, right?  I don’t think it bothers me in the least that I have entered a new decade in my life.  At times, I still feel like a kid.  And then there’s those other times, when I feel like an old man.  That was true when I was 27.

As a sports fan, I can take some comfort in the fact that I’m about to hit my prime.  You always hear about players hitting their prime in that late twenties/early thirties range.  So, I’ve got that going for me.  In a lot of respects, I’m still the young guy around.  I’m the youngest person both of my congregations that isn’t going to school somewhere.  I’m the youngest person in my clergy covenant group.  I’m still one of the youngest United Methodist clergy in the state of Indiana – when I look around at the Residents in Ministry retreats conferences, I’m still seeing a lot of gray hair, even though I’m in the group that is almost done with the process.

I have a few lighter colored hairs in my goatee, but they’ve been there for a few years now.  Stress has a way of making that happen; even more so than age.  I’m not exactly losing my hair.  Well, really, it’s hard to tell because I keep it so short, but it’s definitely not getting any thinner… and neither am I.  Perhaps that’s the one thing I regret about turning thirty.  I haven’t made my personal health as much of a priority as I would have liked.  I’m not doing bad, but I certainly would like to drop a few pounds before it does start to cause problems.

So, I’m thirty today.  Big deal.  I’ll be thirty-one next year, and nobody is really going to make a big deal out of it.  Age really is just a number to me.  What is it to you?