In spite of a ton of injuries, the Boston Red Sox were probably the best non-playoff team in 2010 (with all due respect to the Padres, who missed the playoffs on the last game of the season).

Biggest Additions: Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, Bobby Jenks, Dan Wheeler

Biggest Subtractions: Adrian Beltre, Bill Hall, Victor Martinez, Mike Lowell

Offseason Review: If a single team can win the offseason, you may be looking at them here.  Not only did the Red Sox land the biggest offensive free agent in Carl Crawford, but they also landed the biggest offseason trade bait in Adrian Gonzalez.  And in Bobby Jenks… well, they just landed somebody that’s big.  Their offseason was so good, in fact, that losing Adrian Beltre and Victor Martinez barely made a dent.  In Beltre, they lose a 3rd basemen, but with the addition of Gonzalez, who is a much better overall player than Beltre, the Red Sox simply move Kevin Youkilis to third, a position that he can play very well.  Perhaps the only drawback right now is the fact that the Red Sox are overwhelmed with left-handed hitters, in fact 5 of their 9 everyday hitters are lefties (Crawford, Gonzalez, Ortiz, Drew and Ellsbury).  Throw that together with a solid rotation and a stronger bullpen with the addition of Jenks, and you’re most likely looking at a very dangerous team that Theo has thrown together.

Season Preview: In a difficult AL East, look for the Red Sox to run away with it down the stretch, assuming they stay healthy, which is an assumption that is being made for all these season previews.  Their pitching is solid.  Their offense is scary good, and there aren’t a lot of teams that are going to be able to matchup with them over the long haul.  If they have somebody go down, or if somebody has a disappointing season, there is still enough firepower to take over a small Pacific country in this lineup.  The AL East is usually close, but that’s not happening this year.

Final Record: 99-63, 1st in AL East