Originally, I wasn’t all that excited about seeing this one, but Katie wanted to see it, and it was a fun movie.  Of course, I think Natalie Portman is adorable, and my wife thinks that she’s my secret girlfriend, but, let’s face it, she’s a vegetarian, so it would never work out.  Sorry, Natalie.

Plot Summary

No String Attached is about two people, Emma (Portman) and Adam (Kutcher) whose paths cross a couple of times, and they end up deciding to enter into a strictly physical relationship.  They agree that if one starts feeling something more for the other that the relationship will be over.  This goes forward with predictable results.


No Strings Attached is the first in a series of movies coming out in the next several months that show a lackadaisical approach to relationships.  Promiscuity is just fine, and you can sleep with whoever you want without consequences (Friends with Benefits and Hall Pass are the other two in the pipeline).  The movie itself is actually kind of cute.  Some of the language is overtly sexual, and mildly uncomfortable, and I could do  without that stuff, but for the most part, there’s actually a really good message buried under three feet of fecal matter.


As you can imagine, I’m a little torn on the recommendation.  A part of me does not want to recommend it because of the sexual language that is used flippantly throughout the movie.  Another part of me wants to recommend it because the message, as distorted as it is before you get there, is pretty good.  You can’t just have a physical relationship with somebody.  There are always feelings involved.  It’s part of being human.  That’s why it’s not a good idea to enter into a purely physical relationship.

Best Part

Near the beginning, the second time that their paths cross, Emma asks Adam if he wants to join her for “this stupid thing tomorrow.”  Cut to the next scene, and Adam is wearing a bright yellow Michigan hoodie… at Emma’s father’s funeral.  Morbid, but hilarious.