The Braves had a nice 2010 campaign by capturing the NL Wild Card, and then getting knocked out of the playoffs so quickly by the Giants that I’m beginning to doubt that they really did win the Wild Card.  Fredi Gonzalez takes over this season for long-time manager Bobby Cox, who retired at the end of last year.

Biggest Additions: Dan Uggla, Scott Linebrink, George Sherrill, Joe Mather, Rodrigo Lopez

Biggest Subtractions: Billy Wagner, Takashi Saito, Troy Glaus, Omar Infante, Matt Diaz

Offseason Review: The Braves made a bold move in trading for Uggla.  They were a little weak in their offense at times, and Uggla makes an immediate impact in that area.  Add to that the fact that they stole him from a division rival, and you’ve got a really good move on the part of the Braves front office.  However, will it be enough?  If Hayward doesn’t hit a sophomore slump, and if Chipper Jones doesn’t completely fall apart over the course of the season, they could have a decent offense.  Uggla was a good addition, but they could have used a bit more pop from their offseason acquisitions.  You could make the argument that they lost an All Star infielder in Omar Infante, but then I would ridicule you for actually believing that Infante deserved to be an All Star last season.

Season Preview: I think the Braves are a good team, but I don’t think they are going to make a lot of noise this year.  They’ll have a nice season with Fredi Gonzalez at the helm, but they are definitely going to miss Bobby Cox… and the playoffs.

Final Record: 85-77, 2nd in the NL East