I have a problem. I figure this is an open forum, and it’s a safe place to admit it, so here goes… I have literary ADD.

I believe I am physically incapable of reading one book at a time. I think the chemicals in my brain have me out of whack to the point that I cannot possibly concentrate on one book before moving on to the next. I am constantly reading multiple books.

For example, right now – besides my daily Bible reading (which comes from four different books of the Bible each and every morning), I’m currently working on Communicating for a Change and The Grace of God, both by Andy Stanley. I also am really wanting to read Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick, but I just haven’t picked it up yet, though it’s sitting on my shelf right next to Communicating for a Change. I also recently download the audiobook Churched by Matthew Paul Turner from Noisetrade, so I’ll begin listening to that soon. Then there’s the usual materials for sermon, confirmation and Bible study prep – you know, work things. Alongside all of that, I have the latest issues of Entertainment Weekly and Christianity Today waiting for me in the bathroom (yes, I’m a poo reader). Then there is the regular blogs that I visit each day in Google Reader. Not to mention the fact that I’ve been feeling like getting out my Hitchhiker’s Guide anthology to start reading it all over again, and I just bought the new biography on Albert Pujols. I think I have a problem.

A part of me wonders, though. Is this what future generations have to look forward to? Are they being so slammed with television and YouTube and blogs and Facebook that literary ADD is inevitable – if they pick up a book at all? I think it should tell us something about the noise that we let into our lives. What about you? Are you suffering from literary ADD, too?