We’re back in the Senior Circuit this week by looking at the NL Central.  With six teams, this one is going to bleed into next week, but next week’s division is the AL West, which only has 4 teams, so it all evens out.

Biggest Additions: Edgar Renteria, Fred Lewis, Dontrelle Willis, Jeremy Hermida

Biggest Subtractions: Orlando Cabrera, Arthur Rhodes, Aaron Harang, Laynce Nix, Mike Lincoln

Offseason Review: The Reds were pretty quiet this offseason.  You would think that adding a World Series MVP would be a big move, but nobody really blinked when Renteria signed on for the mid-2000’s Cardinal reunion tour with Walt Jocketty in Cincinnati.  He’ll be part of the left-side of the former Cardinal infield with Scott Rolen.  Short of that move, everything else is a bit of a gamble for the reigning Central champs.  Four years ago, losing Harang would have been a big deal, but he has fallen off a cliff since his impressive.  The best thing the Reds did was sign Votto, Bruce, Arroyo and Cueto to extensions.

Season Preview: A large part of the Reds’ plan for 2011 revolves around Joey Votto repeating his MVP season from 2010.  To be perfectly honest, and there’s a little bit of a bias here, there’s no reason why the Reds were as good as they were last year.  They were steady, which is more than what the rest of the division was.  They’ll be steady again this year, but don’t plan on seeing similar results.

Final Record: 83-79, 3rd in NL Central