I hate to start off a week like this, but we’re going to start with the 6th team of the NL Central – the Pittsburgh Pirates, who look to continue their incredible streak of losing.  Hey, you’ve got to be known for something, right?

Biggest Additions: Lyle Overbay, Matt Diaz, Kevin Correia, Scott Olsen, Garrett Atkins, Joe Beimel

Biggest Subtractions: Zach Duke, Lastings Milledge, Chan Ho Park

Offseason Review: The Pirates are… well… the Pirates.  People don’t want to play for an organization that has developed a culture of losing, which is exactly what is going on in Pittsburgh.  The lack of any significant offseason moves should tell you that much.  They did hire a quality manager in Clint Hurdle, but a chef can only do so much with chopped liver.

Season Preview: The Pirates were the worst team in all of baseball last year… by a longshot.  The Mariners were bad and even they finished with four more wins than the Pirates.  This season will be better, but not enough.  The will, once again, dwell in the cellar from about June onward.  But, look on the bright side, Pirates fans… there’s always next decade…

Final Record: 67-95, 6th in the NL Central