And for the bottom of the AL West barrel, we turn to the Pacific Northwest and the Seattle Mariners.

Biggest Additions: Miguel Olivo, Jack Cust, Nate Robertson, Brendan Ryan, Adam Kennedy

Biggest Subtractions: Paul Bunyan Russell Branyan, Jose Lopez, Ryan Rowland-Smith

Offseason Review: For a team that was supposed to be so good in 2010 with pitching and defense, they couldn’t hit the ocean with some java from Starbucks.  2010 was almost a total disaster for the M’s.  Rumors of Griffey falling asleep in the clubhouse during games, his sudden retirement, dead last in the Majors in runs scored, firing Wakamatsu on Japanese heritage night, trading Cliff Lee…. it was bad, real bad.  The lone bright spot for the M’s was Felix Hernandez, who managed to win the Cy Young, despite a disgusting 13-12 record and because of a brilliant 2.27 ERA (was the rest of the pitching in the AL really that bad that we had to turn to sabremetrics to determine a Cy Young winner?).  The problem the M’s had last year, again, was scoring runs, and it was a problem that wasn’t addressed in the offseason… unless they were trying to solve it with Jack Cust.  If that’s the case, then the GM needs to be fired.

Season Preview: The best part about the Mariners this year is the fact that King Felix is going to get the ball every fifth day.  Seriously, that’s about all they have to look forward to this season… well, I take that back.  Brendan Ryan can be a pretty exciting player in the field, let’s just hope they use the DH to bat for him instead of the pitcher.  It’s not going to be pretty, M’s fan.  Sorry.  (Yes, I did mean to have “fan” as singular.)

Final Record: 65-97, 4th in the AL West