The first weekend of baseball is officially in the books.  Most teams have started their second series of the year, and already we are starting to see some trends.

  1. The Baltimore Orioles will defy everyone’s expectations (including mine) and run away with the AL East title by sweeping the season series with the Red Sox, Rays and Yankees, and only losing 3 games to the Blue Jays (2 of which will be in August).  I’m revising my prediction to put the O’s at 135-27 for the season.
  2. Conversely, the Red Sox are going to be terrible.  All of the money that they have spent this offseason would be better used to destroy Fenway and put up and brand new stadium modeled after the original Yankee Stadium.
  3. The Rangers will be the only team that can possibly withstand the onslaught from Baltimore, and they will score an average of 8.36 runs per game.  Expect to see the Rangers beat the O’s in Game 7 of the ALCS after 35 innings.
  4. The Yankees will hit a bunch of home runs.  Actually, that’s probably true, but they won’t hit as many as the Rangers.
  5. The AL Central will be the most competitive division… because all of the teams are terrible.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at some of the Things We’ve Learned from the first weekend in the National League.