I heard a very interesting stat yesterday.  In their first 5 games, the Tampa Bay Rays have scored 7 runs.  Not surprisingly, they are sitting in the cellar of the AL East with an 0-5 record.  But, wait, it gets worse.

Not only have the Rays only recorded 7 runs, but they also only have 21 hits.  B.J. Upton has 6.  In fact, Mr. Upton is the only reason the Rays have been as offensively productive as they’ve been.  He not only leads the team with his, but also in home runs (2), RBIs (3), runs scored (2… from the HRs… duh…), and batting average (.333).

Among players with at least 2 AB/game, this is what the Rays batting average leader board look like:

  1. Upton – .333
  2. Zobrist – .176
  3. Joyce – .071
  4. Damon – .067
  5. Ramirez – .059

When four of your Top 5 BA leaders make Carlos Pena look like George Brett, you’re in a lot of trouble.  Don’t worry, Rays fans.  It’s only April 7th.  Things can’t possibly get worse…. right?