Okay, at this point, it’s not really breaking news, but if you haven’t heard: Manny Ramirez retired suddenly on Friday afternoon because he was notified of an issue with a drug test that he took during Spring Training.

As you can imagine, this has sparked all sorts of insanity throughout the baseball world.  Perhaps the best comment I’ve seen on the matter comes from @FakeMLBFacts: “Manny Ramirez retires from baseball the same way he plays it: awkwardly out of left field.”

It was totally unexpected, but instead of facing a 100 game suspension (which would put Manny as eligible to return at the end of the season, afterwards, no team was going to take a chance on him), Manny walked away from the game that he mocked for so long.

Don’t get me wrong, Manny was a fun guy to watch… off the field.  He was impressive as a hitter for so long (and now we might be starting to see why), but the phrase “Manny being Manny” was coined to describe his shenanigans, which ultimately alienated him from his teammates and promptly showed him the door.