So, here’s the deal.  I’ve never caught a foul ball.  I’ve been to a good number of baseball games – both Minor and Major League.  There’s a Triple A team near where I grew up, and we’d always go to a few games during the season.  There was a Single A team where I went to seminary.  We went to a couple of games.  I’ve also been to Major League games in Pittsburgh, Arlington, St. Louis, Chicago and Houston.  Never.  Caught.  A.  Ball.  (I saw a tweet a week or so ago that said typing like that doesn’t emphasize your point; it makes it look like your keyboard is having an asthma attack…. so…. apparently my keyboard is having an asthma attack.)


I have never had the opportunity that Mr. Greenshirt had here.  I’ve never had a ball hit in the seat/row/section that I was sitting in.  But, I can guarantee you this – if a ball ever comes my way, I going to try to catch it with my hands together.

Seriously, dude. Bad form!  You can’t catch a ball like that!

I don’t even want to get into Mr. Whiteshirt sitting behind Mr. Greenshirt.  Seriously, buddy, it’s a baseball, not a pineapple grenade.