There’s an old adage that says, “You can never cross the same river twice.”  The way water flows in a river means that the river is constantly changing.  You can go from Point A to Point B the same way four different times, but that doesn’t mean you’ve crossed the same river.  Sure, it has the same name and the same landmarks as before, but the water, which is constantly flowing, is different.  I’m reminded of this following a visit to Wilmore, KY last week.

Wilmore is where Asbury Theological Seminary is located.  Wilmore wasn’t just a stop along the way or just a place where I got my seminary degree.  It was my home for four years.  To be honest with you, there are times when I really miss it.  We go back every once in a while and remember what it was like to be living there.  Katie and I started our time in Wilmore by living in seminary housing, which was horrible at the time.  It was basically the size of our current kitchen and half our living room.  After a year, we moved off campus and lived in a walk-out basement apartment for three years (still the longest we have ever lived in one location our entire marriage of almost nine years).

When we went back down, we saw the new married housing complex that is being built, and I’m not going to lie, we were insanely jealous.  We didn’t even go inside any of the apartments, but we could already tell that they were a significant improvement over our old place (which is still up and still has people living in it).  We heard that they have hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances.  In fact, it was so nice that I tweeted that I was considering getting another M.Div just so we could live there.  (Of course, that’s just ridiculous; nobody needs a second M.Div, especially since we’re still paying for the first one!)

Very few of the people that we went to seminary with are still around Wilmore.  One good friend is working on his Ph.D. and is still in town, but there aren’t a lot of other people around.  We also know a couple in Lexington, and it’s always good to visit with them as well.  And yet, there’s still a piece of home in that sleepy little town.  We drove by our old place and saw new cars in the driveway.  We drove by where our good friends lived, and it was weird not seeing their car parked on the gravel.

As the memories flooded back, as we took in the new sights, and as we walked around campus, we knew that there was a time when that place was home.  We knew it wasn’t our home any more, but it will always have a special place in our hearts.

Beautiful downtown Wilmore