This is my dog.  His name is Pork Chop.  Usually, Katie and I refer to him as PC on Facebook and Twitter.  He’s a sweet boy, even though he is a little mischievous from time to time.  He’s awfully cute (as you can see), and he’s totally naive.

This picture was taken as Katie and I were sitting on the bed in the guest room watching a movie the other night.  He just hopped up on the bed, laid down between my legs and rested his head on my lap.  He just laid there, perfectly content to spend the time with me petting him behind the ear.  As he looked up at me, he had this look in his eyes that I could do no wrong.  I could tell that he was relaxed and just enjoying life at that moment.

He drives me crazy, but he also reminds me of something very important.  I am unconditionally loved.  Now, I know that it’s silly for me to come to this realization from the way my dog is looking at me.  After all, Katie loves me unconditionally, as does (most of) my family.  (I’m kidding, all of my family does as well… I think…)  However, there’s just something about the way your dog looks at you that makes you want to be a better person.  In some way, I think our faith is similar.

We need to be resting comfortably with God.  We need to be looking to Him with a sense of unconditional love.  There may be times when we drive Him absolutely bonkers with the way that we act, but He still loves us and longs to take care of us.  Maybe it’s weird that I can pick this up from the way that my dog looks at me, but, let’s face it, I am a pastor, and so I can tend to look into things a little differently than most.  Regardless, I hope that you realize that even though you may drive Him bonkers, God still loves you unconditionally.  Find comfort and rest in laying next to Him.