So, much to the delight of a nation of people who hate Lebron James, the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Miami Heat in Game 6 to win the NBA Championship.  Unfortunately, what is getting all the press is not that the Mavs won, but that the Heat (and specifically Lebron) lost.  Let’s not forget that the Mavs are the team that destroyed the Lakers to get to the Western Conference Finals, made the Thunder look like the inexperienced team that they are to get to the Finals, and dominated the Heat in Game 5 and Game 6.  It was a great series, and the Mavs came out on top in convincing fashion over the last two games.

Yet, as I read through some of the things on Twitter and Facebook, people are cheering the fact that Lebron James choked.  That the great Heat experiment failed to bring in a championship after 11 months of playing together.  That James should have stayed in Cleveland, and we’d all love him.  (Of course, this neglects the fact that Cleveland had a horrible basketball team this season, and wouldn’t have made it out of the second round of the playoffs even if James was still there.)

Apparently at the press conference after the game, Lebron said, “All the people that were rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life they had before.”  This quote was on the Sportsnation Facebook page with the question: Where Lebron’s comments out of line?  As you can imagine, there are all sorts of responses along the lines of: Lebron is a jerk; I hate Lebron; he should’ve stayed in Cleveland; etc.

But the simple truth is, even if he was being a smug, arrogant jerk in saying this… he’s right.  Everybody that has poured so much energy into rooting against Lebron is going to have to wake up the next day to their regular lives.  They don’t have anything to root against anymore.  They are still bitter about this decision that he felt like was best for him, and the simple truth is, he’s moved on.  He has now played an entire season as a member of the Miami Heat, and he got further there than he ever did as a player in Cleveland.  (Yes, I know that Cleveland did make the Finals when Lebron was there, but, if memory serves, they were swept by the Spurs.  So, by winning two games in the Finals, he went further than before.)

Now, I wasn’t fond of the way that Lebron made his decision known.  It was the epitome of arrogance, but who hasn’t done something like that in their lives?  Because he is a major sports star who gets paid millions of dollars, we think that it’s okay to hang on to that bitterness, but what good does it do?  Do you really think that by hating Lebron, you played a role in the Heat losing in the Finals?  Is your life any better this morning because of your bitterness towards Lebron?  No.  It’s not.  You had nothing to do with the Heat losing the Finals.

So, instead of focusing on how the Heat didn’t win, why don’t we applaud the Mavericks for a phenomenal run through the playoffs?  It doesn’t matter what Lebron has to say, he didn’t win the Finals MVP.  Let’s focus on Dirk, shall we?  Let’s applaud the champion and realize that our bitterness doesn’t do anything but make us sour.