After about ten straight days of being busy, I took an afternoon off the other day to see the new X-Men movie.  I had heard good things about it, and was really looking forward to it.

Plot Summary

X-Men: First Class is an origins story that explores the first X-Men.  It takes place primarily around the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the gathering of the first group of X-Men.  How they interact with one another and how they end up on different sides is prominent throughout the movie.


I thought this was a really good movie.  One of the comments that I had heard about it before we went to see it was that it was a good movie with comic book characters in it, and I think that really sums it up.  There is good character development.  The way the plot unfolds is interesting.  And even though you know some of what is going to happen, you are still just waiting to see it unfold before you.  That’s the makings of a good movie.


I would highly recommend this movie.  It is well done, and if you like the X-Men franchise, you’ll enjoy this one without a doubt.  It’s worth seeing in the theater, so find some time, and go out for it.  Even my wife thought it was really good, so it’s not just a guy movie.

Best Part

There are a few cameos, and appearances that make you say, “Hey, I know who that it is.”  Pretty cool stuff.  The funniest one (and stop right here if you want to be surprised) is when Charles and Erik are recruiting, and they walk into a bar to Hugh Jackman lighting a cigar.  If you follow the movies, you know that Jackman plays Wolverine.  Pretty funny stuff.