I had a couple of interesting conversations this week.  They were interesting because they were about the same subject, and in two completely different places with completely different…. conversation partners?  I’m not really sure what to say there… anyhoo!

The conversation was about air travel.  The basic point is that it is really weird how people have to fly all over the place to get somewhere.  I remember a few years back when my dad had to go to Romania for work.  On his way back, the flight went from Paris to Houston to Indianapolis.  Now, I’m not expert on travel, but I would think that flying into Atlanta, one of the New York airports, or even Chicago would make more sense… you know, besides flying directly to the Indianapolis INTERNATIONAL Airport.

We talked about flights from California to Atlanta to Indy.  A flight from Indy to Tucson that had about four stops along the way.  I remember in my own days of travel with patterns like Evansville-Chicago-Dallas, or Indy-Tampa Bay-New Orleans, or an upcoming trip that is going to have us going from Las Vegas to Cleveland before coming home to Indianapolis.  I don’t understand air travel.  It doesn’t seem to make any sense, but then I got to thinking… as I sometimes do.  Isn’t this kind of what our spiritual lives look like as well?

You would think that the most direct way would be the easiest, but every person has a story about how they came to faith, or where they’ve been on their spiritual journey so far.  Over the last month, I’ve been preaching on Jonah.  Talk about a guy who had a tough journey!

Then I started wondering, do we make it too difficult?  With our hundreds of denominations, with our particular  theological slants, with our differing beliefs even within the same denomination, have we (we meaning Christians) made it too hard for people to come to faith?  Have we been faithful representatives of Christ, or are we more concerned with championing our particular point of view?  Just some things to think about…