Nine years ago today, I married my best friend.  It was quite a day.  The night before, we had our rehearsal, and there was a giant hole in the roof of the church.  It got patched up, so it wasn’t an issue on our wedding day.  After our rehearsal dinner, we were among the first to see the new Austin Powers movie.  That’s right, our wedding party went to see Austin Powers: Goldmember the night before our wedding, and it was a blast.

As most wedding days are, I imagine, ours was a bit of a blur.  It was a busy day, packed with all kinds of activity.  We have a few fond memories from the ceremony and the reception: thumb wrestling during a song, Katie’s big sigh after our kiss, walking out to Smashmouth’s I’m a Believer (that’s right, we did it), having the fire alarm go off during our first dance, and our argument with the pizza delivery boy who didn’t want to take a check, but offered to bring back change from our $100 bill (yeah, right, kid!).

Since then, we’ve had quite a ride.  We’ve moved all over the place it seems like, spending our first year in Evansville, then we lived in two places in Wilmore, Franklin, Noblesville and Veedersburg soon followed.  By our seventh anniversary, we had already lived in five of those places.  Unbelievable.

We’ve certainly had our share of ups and downs, no doubt.  We’ve driven each other crazy more than once.  And yet, I can honestly say that we love one another more each and every day.  It’s been a fantastic nine years, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for our future together.

To celebrate, we’re spending the next couple of days in St. Louis.  Going to catch a Cardinals game tonight and  see the botanical gardens tomorrow.

And just for kicks, here’s a few pictures of the lovely couple…