I know I’m a little behind on this one.  This was one of the first summer movies to hit the theaters, and I didn’t get around to seeing it until just a couple weeks ago.  Although, I will say, it was probably the best $1.75 I’ve ever spent.

Plot Summary

Thor is the latest of the Marvel comic book movies to hit the theaters that is part of an interconnected series of movies going back to the first Iron Man (and maybe further back than that, I don’t remember).  Thor is the God of Thunder from the realm of  Asgard.  The opening of the movie takes some time to introduce us to the mythology of Thor in the Marvel Universe.  It begins by describing a battle with the Frost Giants and movie into “modern-day” Asgard when Thor is about to be named king.  During the ceremony, a small group of Frost Giants break into the artifacts to retrieve something that Oden took from them when he conquered the Frost Giants years before.  Defying Oden’s orders, Thor and his group of friends travel to the land of the Frost Giants and pick a fight.  Now, they are on the brink of war, and Thor was banished to Earth and stripped of his hammer and his powers because of his arrogance and recklessness.  It is there that he must learn what it means to truly be a leader in order to gain his powers back in order to face a growing threat back home in Asgard.


Like the other Marvel Universe movies, I really enjoyed this one.  It is not quite as good as the first Iron Man, but it is really enjoyable overall.  Chris Hemsworth does a great job playing Thor and showing the change in his character throughout the movie.  It’s not going to win any awards, but it does it’s job in introducing us to Thor and other characters that will most likely be a part of the Avengers movie next summer.  I like the interconnectedness that Marvel has done in putting these movies together.  There is brief mention of the Hulk and Tony Stark (Iron Man), and I have a feeling that we may have gotten a glimpse of another character or two that will play a role down the road.


This one is definitely worth the time.  If you have any interest at all in the Avengers series of movies that have been coming out… well… then you’ve probably already seen this one.  It’s a good balance of plot and action, and overall, it’s just a fun movie to watch.  It’s out in the cheap theaters right now, so take an afternoon to go see it.

Best Part

At one point Thor busts into a S.H.I.E.L.D. temporary base that has been set up around his hammer.  He fights to get to his hammer, but is unable to lift it because he has not proven himself worthy of its great responsibility.  The pain, anguish and realization of what is happening serves a major turning point in Thor’s character.