I came across an article the other day from Harris Interactive.  They did a poll of the favorite baseball teams in America.  Not surprisingly, the Yankees and Red Sox topped that list, followed by the Braves, Cubs and Dodgers to round out the Top 5.  And, in case you were wondering, the Bottom 5 are: Rays, Nationals, Marlins, Padres and Blue Jays.  Now, in fairness, they note that Canadian residents were not polled, so it’s not surprising that the sole international team (Blue Jays) ended up on the bottom.  I am a little shocked that the Rays are in the Bottom 5, given that they’ve had some good seasons in the last three years (making their first World Series appearance just three years ago).

What I found more interesting was the response to who was going to win the 2011 World Series.  Once again, the Yankees and Red Sox lead the way with 20% each.  The Phillies were the top NL team with 19%.  The Cardinals and Braves were both at 5%.  Other potential playoff teams were considerably less supported: Rangers, 4%; Giants (you know… the defending champions), 3%; Tigers 2%; Brewers (currently leading the NL Central), 1%.  Perhaps the biggest surprise, however, was that the Chicago Cubs were at 4%.  I did not stutter, friends.

The Chicago Cubs, who are currently sitting 22 games below .500 at 43-65, received as many votes to win the 2011 World Series as the Texas Rangers, who are the defending AL champions and have a record that is almost the inverse of the Cubs at 61-48.  The Seattle Mariners, who went three weeks without winning a game, losing 17 in a row,still have a better record than the Cubs.  Apparently, people seem to think that the Cubs are going to leapfrog the four teams that are ahead of them in the NL Central and walk away with the most improbable August/September run in the history of baseball.  Either that, or 4% of the people responding are heavy drinkers.